How I got the shot feature

I have been following Cinnamon Wolfe with Cinnamon Wolfe Photography for over 3 years.  When I first sent her an email, she was so excited to hear that someone was actually reading her blog posts!  Three years later, she is creating her own website for photographers and small business creatives, as well as has her own podcast (how cool is that?!?).

So when she asked for entries on her new site, to show other photographer's how they got a certain portrait, I couldn't wait to enter!

Today on her new blog, she's featuring a portrait that was taken last November for a maternity session.  This family was so beautiful, it was so hard to choose a favorite image!  And can you just feel the love that is in the air between these two??  It's easy to see why I chose this one.

maternity session with Jessica LS Photography in open field

Thanks to Cinnamon Wolfe for featuring this portrait on your new website! Can't wait to see where your new adventure takes you!