Best of 2017: Newborns

Although it didn't seem as though I was busy in 2017, it definitely kept me on my toes.  Of the 43 sessions that I had the pleasure of photographing, 10 of them were newborn babies (that's 4 more compared to 2016!).  Generally, newborns are photographed between 5-12 days new, but I will always make time for newborns!  One of the newborns of 2017 was actually almost 4 weeks old before I met him.  The only difference between him and other fresh newbies is I just needed to make sure he was nice and warm and snuggled up tight.  But even if he was awake, as long as he was happy I just kept clicking my camera.


This little guy was a Christmas present for mom and dad.  I met him on the second day of 2017 and he was such a sweetheart!  He had smiles for the camera almost every 5 minutes!

newborn baby boy with stuffed candy cane in Woodbridge, VA studio with Jessica LS Photography

I was stunned with how flexible and bendy this little one was for his session.  Can you just picture him all curled up inside mom??  Mom even brought a little hat with his name on it for the session.

newborn baby boy in brown flokati rug and beige wrap in Woodbridge, VA studio

I just loved the color scheme for this little guys session. Mom showed me his nursery and it was an arrow and teepee theme and these colors matched perfectly.  Being one of the bigger newborns from 2017, he was still very curly when snuggling up with mom.

newborn baby boy with gray and teal themed studio session with Jessica LS Photography in Woodbridge, VA

Dad was able to make it home from overseas just in time to see this baby girl!  Big sister was so good and so gentle while holding her, I wanted to keep both of them in studio all day long!

newborn baby girl in wooden bucket and big sister in Woodbridge, VA studio

This little baby girl was extra special to me because I was able to fly down to Texas to meet her and see a long time friend at the same time!  Her bedroom by the window was the perfect spot for her session and she could have slept all day long in there!  We were even able to take her outside in a basket until a beautiful tree!  I'm so thankful for being able to travel and capture these for mom and dad!

newborn baby girl in lace and flower wreath in natural light Texas home

A newborn photographer's dream: a baby on the beach!  This mom had a dream of her baby in a canoe by the water and with lots of driftwood and we made that dream come true!  Leesylvania State Park was the perfect setting for this beautiful baby girl!

newborn baby girl on beach in sailboat prop in Leesylvania State Park

Pretty in peach and pink, this baby girl loved to cuddle and snuggle.  Mom and dad loved the colors and couldn't believe how well she slept for me considering she had been up all night the day before.  A nice warm spot and wrapped up cozy does it every time.

newborn baby girl in peach and pink in Woodbridge, VA studio

At almost 10 pounds when I met him, mom loved the neutral colors we picked out for his session. We were even able to capture him and his 3 big sisters together in studio as well.  It was amazing to see how big he grew in only 2 weeks at his reveal session.

3 week old baby newborn boy in beige and tan in Woodbridge, VA studio

Although I loved every single one of the newborns I met in 2017, this baby girl was the most special.  A rainbow baby, meaning mom had suffered miscarriages before finally delivering this miracle. And she slept like a dream for me.  I was able to show mom and dad a few tricks of wrapping to try at night time.

rainbow baby newborn girl in Woodbridge, VA studio with Jessica LS Photography

How precious is this little guy??  Meeting mom and dad just a week before he was born for their maternity session, Dad was so amazed at all the little positions I was able to move him into especially this little pose.  And when he smiled for the camera at the same time as dad?  Well, let's just say this is his favorite portrait.

newborn baby boy in blue and grey with dad in Woodbridge, VA studio

I am so blessed to have met all these little babies in 2017.  I can't wait to meet more in 2018!  As a matter of fact, I have a photography goal of capturing 20 newborn babies for 2018. If you or someone you know is expecting in 2018, it would such an honor to photograph your family's new addition!  Read more about my newborn sessions HERE to see if I'd be a good fit for you and your family!  I'd love to chat with you!